Maximize your trial conversions and increase revenue with Trial Maximizer’s comprehensive prospect and trial tracking.

How It Works

You can manually add contacts to the software by clicking on the “add contact” icon, and fill in as much information as you know. You can also import contacts from other software or automatically enter them from an opt-in box on your website. 


The software includes a “Lead and Trials Maximizer” app that allows you to add leads, view new leads from the last 30 days, and customize the prospect and trial phases to fit your flow. 


The “Lead and Trials Maximizer” app is worth the price of the software and helps you stay organized and communicate with your contacts in a more targeted way.

Keep Track of Important Contacts

Add, edit, and delete contacts with ease.

Stay Connected Anywhere

Access your contacts from any device – phone or computer.

Save Time and Effort.

Reach out to your contacts automatically with just a tap.

Free Up Your Time

Run Your Whole School in One Place
With Spark’s Smart Dashboard

See billing, revenue
& metrics for a clear snapshot of performance and growth.

Track leads, trials & memberships to boost active student numbers.

Manage everything in one place: contacts, email history, tasks, projects and more.

Simplify appointment management with
a live calendar.

Jumping between software and browser tabs to run your school?
That’s no way to run an efficient business. Spark lets you easily manage every part of your school
all in one place, saving you time and giving you a complete picture day-to-day.

Make Your Business Hum
with the Spark Member App

Manage your school from your smartphone and create deeper connections with your members
with the free Spark Member App. Available on iPhone or Android.

And so much more…


Effortlessly manage your member-based business, attract more members, and increase revenue with this all-in-one software solution.