How John Geyston Uses Spark Membership Software to Replace Two Full Time Staff Members, saving him over $3,200 per month

Spark Membership

Spark Membership

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John Geyston has been running successful martial arts schools for 39+ years in Springfield, IL.  He trains his students in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fitness Kickboxing and Karate.   Recently, Ron Sell sat down with him to see how he uses Spark to save over $3,200 in staff payroll per month, save time, and increase his business, allowing him to impact more people in his community.

John Geyston took the time to train his staff to use more than 90% of all Spark Features.

He uses…

  • Spark Member App for iOS and Google Phones
  • Automations to follow up on prospects
  • Attendance tracking
  • Automated Martial Arts Tuition Billing
  • Checkout Pages for running Belt Promotions saving hours of time, printing certificates, registrations, no more mistakes on promotion night.
  • How he allows the software to communicate to over 300 students to build personal relationships
  • Makes events like Parent’s Night Out so simple, at the time of the event, instructors can spend their time building relationships with students and guests, and let Spark handle the waivers, payments, and the followup.
  • Now his staff can focus on teaching, and spend less time
  • How he watches his dashboard stats to see exactly where his business stands in real time, so his business can meet their goals.
  • How he uses Spark’s Lead and Trials Maximizer to enroll more students



You will Love Spark, Get Started Right Away.

The top martial arts school owners use Spark Membership to manage, organize, increase revenue and thrive.

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