7 Must-Have Gym Equipment In 2023 (UPDATED)

7 must have gym equipment

This article has been updated as of January 20th, 2023

High-quality gym equipment is a perfect approach to ensure you never miss a session, whether you’re new to working out or an experienced fitness lover with years of expertise. But what is the best gym equipment? We’ve researched and identified the finest gym equipment on the market for you. This guide will discover equipment to fit every budget and room size, from high-tech training mirrors to space-saving adjustable dumbbells. So, let’s start!

How to select the best gym equipment

While there is an extensive range of must-have gym equipment available, here are a few crucial considerations to consider while shopping:


Is it more vital for you to gain strength or cardio? If you don’t have the room or cash for many pieces of equipment, prioritize those that fulfill your present fitness demands.


Gym equipment costs anything from $10 to thousands of dollars. While you must never compromise safety or quality, you may often save money by selecting goods with less high-tech features, such as touch displays and Bluetooth capabilities.


Even high-quality gym equipment might fail, which is why it’s essential to consider the warranty provided by the manufacturer or reseller.

Customer feedback

Read multiple user evaluations since they typically give honest criticism about a product’s design, durability, and functioning.

What gym equipment should I buy first?

The following are the best gym equipment that you should take into account to get the most out of your workout routine.

  1. Adjustable bench

If strength training is your primary goal, you will need an adjustable bench. An adjustable bench allows you to train every muscle area with various exercises.

This is a tough, long-lasting bench with inclination, decline controls, and a 1,000-pound weight capability. Whether you are just a beginner or are a seasoned weight-lifter, the REP AB-5100 should be the only adjustable bench you consider when seeking the finest gym equipment.

  1. Kettlebell

Kettlebells are an excellent technique to burn fat while also developing explosive strength. They’re also compact enough to be used in any home gym. The Bowflex SelectTech 840 kettlebell goes a step further, allowing you to modify the resistance from 8 to 40 pounds with the flip of a dial.

This adjustable kettlebell has an ergonomic grip for comfort and an easy-to-use dial for selecting difficulty levels of 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 pounds. This is an excellent option for both new and experienced kettlebell users. 

  1. Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are essential for any home gym, mainly if space is an issue. All-in-one adjustable dumbbells allow you to use 2.5 to 50 pounds per hand, with extra expanders enabling you to use up to 70 pounds per hand.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are built for hard usage and will survive for years thanks to their welded steel structure. The square shape and cushioned grips make them ideal for a wide range of workouts at any strength level.

Adjustable dumbbells might make it tough to change weights fast. However, PowerBlock’s magnetic selector pin allows quick, smooth weight shifts. If you want to gain lean muscle and become stronger, you’ll need adjustable dumbbells, and the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are the finest on the market.

  1. Elliptical Machine

The Commercial 14.9 elliptical is a commercial-grade, tech-focused elliptical that would be an excellent addition to any home gym setup. This elliptical machine has NordicTrack’s iFIT technology, which allows you to virtually perform virtual workouts taught by trainers who adjust your resistance and intensity.

The Commercial 14.9 elliptical also has an auto-adjusting elevation and resistance, with a maximum slope of 20%. It has SMR, or silent magnetic resistance, enabling smooth, quiet changes as you cycle through the 26 resistance levels.

Furthermore, this elliptical is smooth and comfy, with cooling fans, a water bottle holder, and EKG pulse monitors incorporated into the grips to check your heart rate in real-time.

  1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a terrific and economical addition to your must-have gym equipment, whether you’re recovering from an injury, working on your posture, or searching for the simplest method to get started with home exercises.

The RenoJ Resistance Bands have everything you need for a fantastic at-home exercise. You’ll get five workout bands, a door anchor, two foam handles, two ankle straps, and a carrying bag to transport your bands wherever you go.

These heavy-duty bands are inexpensive and take up little room in your home gym. Resistance bands have a terrible reputation for snapping and breaking. However, RenoJ produces the highest quality, longest-lasting bands we’ve seen at a reasonable price.

  1. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are excellent for increasing mobility and relieving stiff, strained, and achy muscles. They come in various forms and sizes, but the Amazon Basics high-density foam roller is the finest we’ve found—and it’s pretty inexpensive.

The high-density foam was designed to endure and prevent flattening or altering form over time. It comes in four sizes, ranging from 12 to 36 inches, so if space is limited in your home gym, the 12-inch version is quite simple to stow almost anywhere.

If you’re weary of tight, aching muscles that won’t let go no matter how much you stretch, the Amazon Basics High-Density Foam Roller is the ideal equipment.

  1. Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat

Exercising on the floor is an excellent approach to increase your mobility and core strength. But there’s one problem: training your core muscles on the ground may be very unpleasant.

The BalanceFrom Folding Exercise Mat may help with that. Unlike cheap yoga mats with no padding, this is a substantial, 2-inch padded mat that gives a pleasant, pain-free exercise experience.

This training mat is easy to store thanks to its tri-fold shape and carrying handles. It’s also composed of moisture-resistant material, making it simple to clean after a sweaty exercise with detergent and water.


Training at home is an excellent method to keep in shape since you won’t have to deal with busy gyms, traffic, or lines to use gym showers. Hence, select the best equipment, plan your budget, and you’ll have the ideal home gym setup for any fitness goal in no time.

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