5 Basic Components Your Classes Should Have

Teaching classes is the main product that we have and as a school, we have to make sure it is impactful and powerful. 

These are the basic key components in a class that your instructors should review to build an exciting class for students: 

  1. Having fun

You want your classes to be fun. As an instructor you have to look at your class plan and decide how you can make it fun, it makes you more excited and both children and adults are always looking forward to having fun. 

  1. Friendship

Building friendships in class. Based on statistics, the #1 reason why people stay in martial arts is because of their friends. So we want to mix a class that is fun and builds friendships. We can do a lot of combat sprints – by partnering with somebody, they count and cheer for you and learn how you can be a better teammate in that aspect of the class. 

  1. Motivation

We want to make sure our class is motivating, exciting, and empowering. As an instructor, be there and have the charisma and empower your students. Each student must at least be empowered 3x, and that’s where your assistant comes into place. Your assistant should go to each person and empower them so they will go to class feeling excited and motivated. 

  1. Martial arts

Make sure you have a dynamic, relevant, and exciting curriculum. You can mix the traditional martial arts, do a sparring experience and upgrade training experience. Through this, it will create a high level of martial artists. 

  1. Transformation

Students are getting stronger, they got better at the techniques. Doing cool drills and challenges makes them better martial artists and has a dynamic and fun experience for the students. 

Remind them of everything that they have learned in class. Be in a mindset as an instructor that every student in the class is progressing.

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