3 Paths To Creating Killer Content

Kseniya Rusakova

Kseniya Rusakova

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There are three paths you an take when it comes to creating stand-out content for your business. And this is going to be a fun one to share and discuss with all of you. Cause there is much debate surrounding this topic in the digital media landscape.
And bluntly stating, path #1 you pay with your time, money and energy. Path #2, you pay with your energy and money. And path #3, you pay with just your money…but at a premium.
So lets dive into these 3 paths so you can find the best option for you and your academy!


➔ Path #1: Learn It Yourself
This is definitely the toughest one, and it can be the most rewarding. But ONLY if you enjoy it or learn to enjoy doing it.

Cause if you spend all your time, energy and money learning but then end up hating the process and the extreme amount of effort it continues to take, then it will all be for nothing.

This is the path I took. But I LOVED acting, videography and producing a lot in high school and through out my adult life.

And when I re-discovered my passion for it 4 years ago I dove into the deep end with my time, energy and money.

But I love it! Next to coaching business owners and Jiujitsu, its my favorite thing to do.

Before I came on the team at Gracie PAC, there were virtually no branded  high quality photos or videos, aside from a well done commercial (Path #3!).

And as we kept seeing better and better results from our professional level photos and videos it was apparent that video was a no-brainer form now on!

And the upside to learning it yourself and If you love it is enormous! You will be able to create authentic, branded, emotionally driven videos and photos.
You will be able to correctly send the appropriate messages and offers to your ideal customer avatar and so much more.

You will be able to be omnipresent in the digital landscape as well as adding new layers of retention and recruiting for your academy.

Just need to ask yourself, if it’s something you enjoy doing.

If yes, then invest in yourself now. If no, then it leads us to path #2, Train Someone Else


➔ Benefit #2: Train Someone Else

So videography, photography, content creating, scheduling and engaging isn’t your thing? Well you better have someone on your team doing it if you want to see 2021! Having a strong digital footprint is essential in todays

We are just now slowly recovering from COVID-19, where we all had to be 100% digital.

And the schools that had strong digital footprints and consistent content to keep their customers engaged and top of mind did a lot bette than those who didn’t. FACTS. So find someone on your team that may have a passion and desire for doing these jobs for you.

Spend your time and money investing in equipment, courses and mentorships so they can learn it at a high level.
The benefits to having someone on your team like this are stated above but now you get a lot more of your TIME back. Cause they will be shooting, editing, creating the digital footprints for you.

But if you dont want to learn it and maybe you dont have someone on your team that wants to learn it then you should take path #3, Hiring Outside Professionals

➔ Benefit #3: Hiring Outside Professionals

Well here we are, the last path, and in my opinion a last resort, hiding an outside company for certain key projects throughout the year. I mean listen, you HAVE to have video and content for your academy.

You need on-boarding videos, commercials, training videos, interview or highlight reel videos and content. So you must hire someone to do this for you.

The upside is a person or a crew comes in, gets the job done, gets the results you are seeking (hopefully) and then they are gone.

Barely any time or energy on your part and now you have professionally crafted videos and content to use.

But you will be paying a PREMIUM for this service. And you will probably need it often.

So this is just another option depending on where your academy stands financially and what kind of team you have around you. But make no mistake, you need video, photo and organic content to be the most effective in 2020 and beyond.

* Side Note: I do realize there are monthly membership sites where you can purchase videos, flyers, photos, etc. to use. However, I am not including it as one of the paths to take. Because all our data shows STOCK and GENERIC content is failing and not producing the results branded content specific to your academy is producing.

So hopefully you have chosen one of these paths or maybe this chat convinced you to take another path. Either way I hope this was helpful and I thank you for taking the time in reading it.

What path are you taking and did this post maybe make you think about another path? Tell me below, I’m super eager to hear your responses!