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The Fitness Shift That Should Worry Every Gym Owner

The Fitness Shift That Should Worry Every Gym Owner

It’s challenging to maintain a regular workout program. There are many possible obstacles, including time constraints and working schedules, that lead to the fitness shift that should worry every gym owner. What was once considered “pleasant to have” is now a standard fitness service offered all around the globe. What else, however, has altered since last year?

Among the most critical adjustments made due to the epidemic is redefining how we operate. Our free time has undoubtedly been impacted by this change in working habits, which involves working from home or other places and enjoying more flexibility concerning working times. What can you do as a gym owner to increase member participation and draw in new customers? Let’s look at how the outbreak influenced the fitness sector first.

How has the pandemic affected the fitness industry

There was a tremendous influence on enterprises, particularly the fitness shift that should worry every gym owner. This is due to COVID-19 pandemic, which swept the globe over the previous two years. Many fitness service businesses have encountered difficulties and losses due to societal limitations and rigorous health guidelines.

Brick-and-mortar gyms were among the industries severely damaged by COVID-19’s beginning. As high-touch establishments, fitness centers, and clubs were among the first to be shut down in the United States due to the concern of coronavirus transmission. Even though the long-term effects are unknown, the short-term implications are sure to have been devastating to many. Included in this are the following:

  • Fitness studio owners, instructors, and other support workers face a severe labor shortage.
  • For business owners, it was a challenge to pay off bank loans, rent, utility bills, and staff wages.
  • Since many boutique gyms operate on razor-thin profit margins, the pandemic jeopardized their survival. 
  • Some portions of the brick-and-mortar clubs that make up a large portion of the US fitness industry, projected to be valued at close to $100 billion, are in decline.

Will the fitness industry bounce back

Many individuals and companies have been through hard times financially and emotionally. Of course, the fitness shift that should worry every gym owner has been one of the difficulties to deal with. 

Furthermore, the importance of exercise and health has never been greater, and the fitness sector has the potential to become even better in the following months. So, how will the fitness industry bounce back?

It is estimated that there are over 201,000 fitness clubs around the world.

Source: Statista

Considering technology

Digital technology is the most incredible way to remain current or at least afloat. Electronic accessibility or ‘exercise from home’ helped gyms and companies to maintain their constancy as ‘work from home’ has emerged as the new standard for any other institution. 

Online technology or becoming digital is unquestionably far more frightening for smaller companies with little or no resources. Yet, Omnify’s ‘Zoom Interface’ has enabled the scheduling of live courses, enabling gyms and studios to broadcast their offers live. Thousands of significant and small fitness companies have joined this integration.

Rise of online fitness sessions

The fitness industry’s pulse is being kept alive through online workouts. Motivation and inhibition thresholds are kept low by the option of being digitally linked and online while training is taking place. You may use digital products to reach this demographic in a studio atmosphere while providing a contrasting experience from home exercises.

Gym owners may use online learning to provide solutions for those who want to keep up their exercise routines, harness technology to relieve some of their responsibilities and implement better courses that are more suited to keeping customers engaged.

To sum it up, the demand for high-quality sessions that combine strength training with group exercise will soar. Instructors who are well-versed in the subject matter and can motivate and inspire their students will be more crucial than ever. There is a significant distinction between online fitness sessions and technology-based activities.

How can gym owners remain profitable

You may still make money even if your gym is not authorized to reopen because of current health issues or because your company is situated in a state that has not yet allowed gyms to operate.

Online tutoring is cheap. You don’t pay a coach a hefty hourly charge (plus club overhead), thus you can obtain better training for less money. Instead of weekly hour-long gym sessions, online trainers can provide superior continuing support.

Let’s stop talking about the fitness shift that should worry every gym owner. Here are the four easy and cost-effective choices to restart their facilities:

Offer fitness exercise outdoors

Provide ample space for participants to develop social distance by holding fitness courses outdoors. If having lessons in a physical place isn’t practical, but your participants still want the responsibility and drive that comes with an in-person setting, consider moving your sessions outdoors.

Several group exercise trainers have teamed up with other company owners in places where the shutdown of fitness facilities is still in place so that outdoor exercise is available. 

Making the switch to online classes

Your customers will be able to attend your workout courses through virtual means. When the colder months arrive, you may have to move your sessions inside if they were previously held outdoors. That’s where online lessons come in handy in this situation.

However, if your firm lacks the brand recognition of these major corporations, Zoom and social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook Live allow you to monetize your exercise programs and resources online.

Focus on individual customers

If you can’t still have numerous people in the gym at once, consider shifting your company strategy to concentrate more on one-on-one customers. You should move as many participants as possible to one-on-one individual training sessions during this period. To generate the same amount of money from 1-on-1 meetings as you do through subscriptions requires more work. Still, it’s a great way to use your space safely while attracting new customers and keeping old ones interested.

Develop web-based programs

Make digital programs accessible to both customers and people outside the organization in addition to virtual courses and one-on-one sessions. Get feedback from members about their most significant challenges in remaining healthy during a pandemic. The most prevalent issue will be a great starting point for a fitness program.

When it comes to creating a program, it’s possible that you already have all the information you need to get started. With the help of the Online Trainer’s launch guide, you can get your program off the ground.


The fitness industry is one of the sectors most impacted by the epidemic. While a few areas still prohibit gyms from operating, the majority of the country permits them to do so as long as they adhere to safety regulations and have a reasonable indoor capacity. The gyms featured have not gone outdated despite the safety measures forcing the fitness shift that should worry every gym owner.

Yes, this is a demanding and challenging period for owners of gyms. Does this imply that you won’t succeed, advance, or attract new customers? Absolutely not. The advice above can help you change your company strategy and demonstrate customer support. The opportunity to grow your offerings and reach new consumers makes this a potentially exciting experience.

If you want to grow the members of your gym, Spark membership offers you a great way to do it by helping you manage and run the gym better.