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Powering Forward

Powering Forward apprenticeship program

As a martial artist, everything that you want to accomplish is on the floor – it is where you’re going to make the most impact and the area where you’re going to develop relationships and take it into a level of the bond.

Bond is trust and inspiration.

Creating a culture of power, inspiration, and relationships – a purposeful culture with the goal in mind that it takes a certain period of time to achieve and you’re going to be a mentor for your students to accomplish the goal that will impact who they become in the future.

This is what every parent invests in their child. 

If you show parents the science behind how you can increase those odds – that’s why in a school they’re not scared in investing into our apprenticeship program and making them commit and see to it that they’ll achieve that goal. 

The upgrade in your school is something that you have to build a culture of by doing the following:

  1. Emotional value
  2. Tangible value – meaning they can clearly see the benefits of being in the blackbelt apprenticeship program.

When the student first comes into your school, explain to them that you’re a black belt school – apprenticeship program, to which the students will be having a sense of accomplishment that is going to impact their well-being and that becomes a blackbelt. 

We also have to make sure that the parents also have the same philosophy and beliefs.

Bear in mind that you are running an academy. Academy has a set of principles, values, and students’ creed. 

Enroll your students in an evaluation program and when the student achieves the first goal which is a yellow belt, you will evaluate their progress, then set up a parent-teacher conference to discuss his future in your school. 

I hope you find this guide helpful. 

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You Must Do This One Thing to Become Successful and Enjoy Your Accomplishments

You Must Do This One Thing to Become Successful and Enjoy Your Accomplishments

Everyone wants to be successful and we all have a different definition of success. 

But what is success without health, what is success without challenges, and what kind of success is understanding your body?

When was the last time you did all your blood work and check the statistics of your cholesterol? 

When was the last time you did exercise? 

When was the last time you went to the dentist and had your teeth cleaned? 

When was the last time you did a full check-up on your health? 

The pain you get every now and then somewhere in your body are signal for health warnings, but the problem is we tend to ignore them.

No matter how successful you are, if you are not healthy it would still be a pure failure.

The only way to be healthy is to be in tune with your body and exercise. 

No matter how successful you are, no money can buy good health. 

Remember, true wealth is healthy and just like the success we work really hard to achieve it, for instance working out to the level where your body is getting uncomfortable.

Say this to yourself, “I am a power of one, I can do this!” 

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This Is How You Can Make More Money

This Is How You Can Make More Money

Providing value to the community is the key to getting more money. That kind of value far outweighs the money. 

To maximize making money we have to create value. You have to understand why your students are in your school, you have to find out their why and create a value from it and bring it to them. 

By uncovering the why you need to ask them questions. By asking the question of “why” it shows that you care, the emotion of care establishes relationships. 

Once you know that “why” that will be your sole purpose to create value… “why they are here, why they want to take martial arts, what’s the purpose of you taking martial arts, what’s the benefit are you looking for?”

When you create value based on their why’s, it will show you care for them and it’ll establish relationships. Once you fulfill it on an emotional level then they will obligate you to the commitment that you are asking them for. 

There are certain pain triggers that tie to people’s emotions and once you understand their pain points, then you can start working towards helping them fulfill their pain and relieve that.

In this sense, money becomes secondary, to them, the fulfillment is so important that they’ll find the money that you ask them in your program.

Once you understand and peel what got them from there then it becomes powerful. 

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Training Parents to Help Their Kids Become Like Fortune 500 Company

Training Parents to Help Their Kids Become Like Fortune 500 Company.jpg

One of the most common practices of fortune 500 companies is a strong HR department and training for team members and employees. 

The ability to train our children with success attributes can be the same as fortune 500 companies’ practices, as a parent we have to apply the same infrastructure training for our children. 

Our dream as a parent is to see our children be happy and successful, but in order for them to have success attributes which unfortunately we’re not innately born with these characteristics and values. They have to be instilled through events and experiences throughout their lifetime. 

As parents, it’s so important to provide them with a lifestyle because we want them to expose and experience that will give them an AHA moment.

In order for them to realize this in adulthood, they need to have certain experiences in their childhood for them to get to a certain point in life. 

To all the parents who are reading this, you have to instill a strong sense of training in your children just like fortune 500 companies do with their teammates. 

Our children get older, so it’s important to do it now as there’s no amount of wealth that can rewind the time as when they reach adults it can be difficult. So as a parent, we need to enforce what’s in the best interest of our children. 

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